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Saaremaa county was the first municipality in Estonia to start working on a new on-demand transport solution in an effort to provide its residents with a convenient and demand-friendly transportation system. During a year long test period, the solution is available for use to all residents and quests. Their usage statistics and feedback contribute to the continued optimization and development of the solution.

Trips can be ordered via a dispatcher service,
which is available by calling +372 4525135

  1. The target group for the on-demand service are Salme, Torgu, Lümanda and Kärla area residents, quests and tourism businesses which operate in the same area. The service is currently only available in Salme, Torgu, Lümanda and Kärla areas.
  2. During the pilot project, on-demand transport services are provided every day from 06:00 til 22:00 o'clock between 01.07.2021 and 30.06.2022.
  3. The service is free during the pilot project. All costs are covered from the government budget.
  4. Orders can be made from Monday to Thursday between 08:30 and 16:00 by calling the dispatcher service on +372 4525135.
    Clients must make their orders at least 24 hours before the requested pick-up time.
  5. When placing an order the clients are asked for their name, e-mail address and phone number in addition to the planned time of travel, origin and destination addresses.
  6. When the routes for the drivers are planned and the requested travel time does not fit into the schedule, the dispatcher will contact the client and offer new times for the trip, provided that they do not exceed more than 30 minutes of the original requested time.
  7. Once the driver routes are planned, client orders are confirmed. Orders which were made over the phone will be sent to the drivers for completion.

Service operation area:

It is important to note that this is a pilot project, during which feedback is gathered from end-users and operators. This feedback is used to make VEDAS software more usable and optimized for service effectiveness.
During the first period of the service we are operating with only 2 Toyota vehicles. Because of this it might not be possible to serve every request.
We kindly ask for you understanding and hope for your contribution to the development of the solution. We ask the service to be used during daily transport situations and request for feedback when possible.
With gathered feedback and statistics we can continuously update and scale our service and its parameters.

Terms and contitions for the service can be found here:

Saaremaa pilot project is accomplished with the co-operation of:

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Saaremaa pilot project is part of an international project RESPONSE:

RESPONSE is created to analyze and develop on-demand transport solutions in countries situated near the Baltic Sea. Many transport companies from Norway and Sweden, the Lithuanian city of Kaunas and universities from Denmark (Aalborg) and Sweden (Karstad) participate in this project.
RESPONSE is funded from Interreg Baltic Sea Region and the lead partner of the project is Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn

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VEDAS software is financed by:

EAS and Norway Grants have co-financed Modern Mobility OÜ on the implementation of VEDAS software platform development with Estonian-Norway co-operation programme "Green ICT".

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